What is IntelliQuilter?

IntelliQuilter is a computer guidance system for quilting machines.  It can be added to most  longarm quilting machines.  As long as the machine has a single stitch button or needle positioner, we can add iQ. The machine does not need a stitch regulator but if you would like one, we can add IntelliStitch when we install IntelliQuilter.

Why should I choose IntelliQuilter?

If you are thinking about adding a computer to your quilting machine and want one that is user friendly, iQ is for you.

If you want to be able to switch between computer control and manual control quickly, iQ is for you.

If you are having trouble standing for long periods of time or handling your machine because of health issues, iQ is for you.

If you want a compact unit that can be easily removed from the machine so that you can do design work sitting comfortably, iQ is for you.

If you want to record your own freehand designs easily and add them to the computer's pattern catalogs, iQ is for you.

If you want to be able to design a whole quilt and save it for future stitch out, iQ is for you.

iQ is very user friendly - you do not need many days of training. The iQ computer is a compact, touch screen unit that mounts onto your machine.  The controls are always right at your fingertips.  iQ will lead you through the process of setting up the quilting page by page, asking questions and giving directions until it is ready to sew.  You will still do all the creative work of choosing a pattern and modifying it to suit the quilt.  iQ takes over the hard work of moving the machine.  You can relax and watch the designs stitch out perfectly on your quilt. 

An installer will travel to your studio or home to install IntelliQuilter on your machine. The installation and basic training usually take just one day. Alternatively, you may be able to do a self install.

IntelliQuilter is available at two levels - BasiQ and ClassiQ.

BasiQ is designed to go on smaller machines or as an entry level computer.
BasiQ Pantograph costs $7,950.00. BasiQ+ costs $9,450.00.
BasiQ includes a smaller tablet and refurbished motors. The Pantograph only BasiQ is has exactly the same features as the Pantograph only ClassiQ.
BasiQ+ is missing some of the features of Standard ClassiQ. 

Pantograph only ClassiQ costs $10,500.00.
Standard ClassiQ costs $12,500.00

For a full complete comparison of the features of BasiQ and ClassiQ, go to this comparison chart.

For either system, there may be an additional kit fee depending upon which quilting machine you own.  The price covers installation, training and support. It does not include the installer's travel expense - that will vary according to how far they have to travel.